At first glance, concrete pavers may seem like a more expensive option than some hardscaping options, but they actually offer long-term cost-efficiency due to their durability. Due to the fact that pavers are individual units, if one cracks at some point, it can be easily replaced. And the high number of joints in the surface allows for easy drainage of water from rain, enhancing skid-resistance and decreasing nighttime glare.

Paver Driveways
Paver driveways are actually stronger than concrete, having two to three times the compressive strength and weight-bearing capacity of normal concrete. Installed properly, they are less prone to shifting, and should not settle, sag or crack, even with heavy vehicle traffic or extreme weather changes.

Paver Pathways and Walkways
Professionally installed, pavers provide a durable and uniform surface. One of the biggest advantages of pavers is that in the event that something like a large tree root raises causing one or more of the pavers requiring repair, they can be replaced without leaving ugly patches or mismatched areas.

Paver Patios and Courtyards
Concrete pavers come in a wide variety of surface finishes, colors and shapes. Moreover, a skilled installer can create a variety of patterns, allowing almost unlimited customization possibilities.

Taking into consideration all of the benefits concrete pavers have to offer it is a great choice as a hardscape option for your home.