Parking Lots, Walkways, & More

Permeable paving is one of our specialties at Pro Pavers Houston. We use sustainable materials which allow water from rain or snow to melt and pass through. This will lead to a reduced amount of runoff pooling on top of the paver surface. Along with a reduced overall budget compared to concrete, this is one of the main factors why commercial properties continue to build sidewalks, pathways, and parking lots using permeable pavers. Water draining away more efficiently in all types of weather is becoming more important to property owners.

New commercial construction often calls for increased water management which permeable pavers provide. This method is better for the environment and land development by allowing water to runoff unimpeded by manmade structures. Without permeable paving, runoff water can cause erosion to earth on surrounding properties.

Certain state and federal regulations prevent the use of permeable paving in specific areas to control environmental pollution. The paving contractors of Pro Pavers Houston will help you determine if your business can benefit from permeable pavement and explain the savings and other advantages to permeable pavers. By studying your property carefully, we can assess which solution is best for you and your property’s needs. Contact our paving experts today!